WARNING: This story contains graphic images

A pit bull in Grande Prairie, Alta. has been euthanized after an attack left a woman with more than 100 stitches.

About three weeks ago, a pit bull named Nova allegedly attacked Krystin Small while she was on her front lawn with her dogs.

Small told CTV Edmonton when her neighbour came home and opened their own front door, two pit bulls came charging out of the house. Nova went for her, while the other went for her dogs.

“I was just hoping that I was going to make it through because he was biting my face so close to my neck,” she said. “I never felt so much pain in my life.”

Small said several neighbours heard her screaming for help and pulled the dog off her.

Photos of Small’s wounds show several bite marks on her hands, feet, neck and head. She has since returned home from hospital, but says she is using a walker to get around and can’t use her left hand.

Following the attack, Nova ran off and was at large for nearly three weeks until Saturday, when police found the dog two blocks away from the incident. Police say Nova was acting aggressively when it was found and has been euthanized.

I may have been the victim of a viscous attack but I still had my good spirits LOL #gnarly

Posted by Krystin Small on Thursday, June 7, 2018

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CTV News

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