Elderly Sudbury couple to be reunited at Finlandia long-term care home


An elderly Sudbury couple will be reunited on Wednesday after months of waiting to be placed in the same long-term care home.

Hildegard Adler has been in the hospital since she fell and broke her pelvis last August. She has been waiting to join her husband, Gottfried, who was placed at Finlandia Village shortly after her hospitalization.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced on Tuesday that Hildegard was offered a bed at Finlandia under the province’s new spousal reunification regulation.

The rule, which came into effect in January, requires long-term care homes to designate two beds for the purpose of uniting spouses.

In a statement, health minister Helena Jaczek said she is pleased to see the regulation working effectively.

“We are highly supportive of spouses who wish to live together in Ontario’s long-term care homes, because we understand aging with your loved one is critical to living a happy and healthy life,” Jaczek said.

Earlier this year the couple’s two daughters, Helga Leblanc and Linda Adler, asked former health minister Eric Hoskins to intervene personally.

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