Essex reaches 4-year deal with firefighters

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Firefighters in Essex have reached a four-year deal with the town.

The agreement extends until Nov. 30, 2021 and lays out wages, a uniform allowance, medical reimbursement and license renewals.

It also details a new probationary firefighter program to replace the old auxiliary firefighter program.

Glenn Gorick, a firefighter with almost 30 years of experience, helped negotiate the deal and said crews were pleased with the agreement that was reached.

“This agreement is a positive step forward for both the Town and our firefighters,” stated Donna Hunter, the town’s chief administrative officer, in a media release. “Both Council and administration recognize the important role our firefighters play in protecting our residents and we’re glad to reach an agreement for the next four years.”

Essex Fire and Rescue employs 60 firefighters on an on-call basis.

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