Newfoundland girl leaves message in snow for Santa: ‘Leave presents, take brother!’

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A Newfoundland girl had an unusual request for Santa Claus — “Leave presents, take brother!”

Nine-year-old Jennifer Murphy left the message in the snow outside her St. John’s home on Dec. 17 with the help of her mother.

“We’re always about a good little chuckle,” Jo-Ann Murphy said, explaining the spray-painted message was “good-natured fun” and a bit of friendly sibling rivalry.

Jo-Ann and her daughter were playing outside and had intended to build a snowman, but when they discovered the fresh snow was too icy, they decided to have a different kind of fun.

“I thought we should write, ‘This is a nice house, the neighbours are naughty,’” Jo-Ann said.

Worried the message could be misconstrued, Jennifer came up with the idea to roast her brother.

After crafting the message, Jo-Ann texted a video of the prank to her 13-year-old son Ryan, who replied with a “laughing” emoticon.

Jo-Ann said the neighbours thought it was a “hoot” too, including one who snapped a photo and sent it to a local radio station.

The message has captured attention around the world, and the video Jo-Ann shared on her Facebook page has been viewed more than 16,000 times.

“It’s exciting when you see people sharing it,” she said, adding that her two children have had fun with all the attention.

Jo-Ann admitted she has received some less-than-festive responses online.

“I don’t mind trolling back. I don’t mind putting Febreeze on it,” she said, explaining that some people don’t realize it was a prank.

Here’s hoping there’s another snowfall soon to see how Ryan responds.

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