No joke: Quebec fisherman reels in monster cod in Baie des Ha! Ha!

Credit: CBC


A local fisherman in Baie des Ha! Ha! says he could barely believe his eyes when he reeled in a giant 24 kilogram codfish Friday night.

“I was very surprised at the size of the fish,” said Olivier Trudeau. “A fish of this size, we see that very rarely. … It’s a personal best.”

The prize catch measures 46 inches, or 117 centimetres across.

Trudeau has been living in the Baie des Ha! Ha! area, just outside of Saguenay, for several years but said he’s never seen anything like that before.

“I hope that all my fishermen friends get a beautiful catch like that once in their lives,” he said.

The photo of Trudeau hoisting up his cod has been shared on social media within the region.

The president of Promotion Pêche, Rémi Aubin, told Radio-Canada that he thinks it could very well be the largest Atlantic cod ever caught in those waters.

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