Peterborough area woman in the running for Canada’s Worst Driver

Photo : the peterborough examiner


A Peterborough woman is one of eight Canadian drivers that will be in the spotlight for the 14th season of the Canada’s Worst Driver reality series on the Discovery Channel.

Descyara (Descy) McMurray, 28, a mother of two who works in the Havelock area and previously lived in the Trent River area, was nominated by family and friends after getting into six collisions in just over one year.

“(She) is a terror on the roads — she is a skilled driver who pushes the envelope so hard that safety and consequences go out the window,” a release from the show states.

“Erratic and reckless behind the wheel, she’s been in six accidents in just over a year and has a metal rod in her arm as a result of one of the crashes.

“She’s fully aware that she’s putting her young passengers at risk, which is why all of her accidents happen when she’s alone.”

McMurray has never had driver’s training and was completely self-taught.

In the series, which debuts Oct. 29, McMurray and her fellow participants had their keys and licences symbolically stripped from them and were sent to a two-week session of driving challenges to test their driving skill and knowledge and then given tips by a panel of experts.

Each episode presents three challenges. Starting at the end of the season’s second episode, the experts evaluate how each has done and “graduates” one person per episode.

At the end of the two weeks on the season’s finale where three drivers remain, each were subjected to an on-road test through a busy downtown city situation. One of them will then be crowned Canada’s Worst Driver.

The show is written and hosted by Andrew Younghusband, a professional actor and writer originally from St. John’s, N.L. who recently settled in Toronto.

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