Photo of two Ottawa couples dressed exactly the same goes viral

Credit:: OTTWP


Scott Sorokan and Leah Genise were enjoying some beers Friday night at Festibière in Gatineau when they saw a peculiar sight.

In front of them in line at the coat check was a girl who was dressed eerily like Genise, in the exact same blue H&M shirt, black jeans, Blundstone boots and grey toque.

The woman introduced herself as Kim (“Hey, we’re wearing the same thing!”) and the pairs chatted for a bit before parting ways. But when they met up later in the night by chance, they talked some more— both women, it turns out, are scientists — and decided to take a picture to mark the odd occasion.

That’s when they noticed something else. Both of the boyfriends had on matching red, white and blue plaid shirts, with identical white T-shirts underneath (the pants were the only thing that differed).

“I was just laughing,” said Sorokan, a 23-year-old student at Algonquin College. “Until we were taking the picture, I didn’t even realize me and the boyfriend looked alike.”

A picture of the foursome, uploaded by Kim on Monday morning, rocketed to the “front page” of reddit, garnering more than 60,000 “upvotes” by late afternoon.

“I was shocked. All my friends were hitting me up, saying, ‘Hey, did you know you’re on the front page of reddit?’ I was thought it was an innocent little picture,” said Sorokan.

“It just figures that Ottawa style is not as unique as you think,” said Genise.

Genise, a 22-year-old biologist at Health Canada, said most of them live in the Westboro area and hope to hang out some time soon.

Will they coordinate their outfits when that happens?

“I think it’s protocol at this point,” she said. “We have to do it to impress the internet.”

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