Surrey RCMP seek white-bearded suspect responsible for household ‘break-ins’ over Christmas Eve

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Surrey RCMP are seeking public assistance in identifying a male suspect responsible for widespread illegal entries of homes overnight Christmas Eve, including reported damage to roof tops.

RCMP describe the suspect as about five feet, eight inches tall, fully dressed in red, with white hair and beard.

Reports suggest the male entered homes through chimneys, where they existed, and “used other methods for homes without a chimney,” police said in a news release Monday.

The suspect left packages, ate cookies and drank milk. Several homes had video surveillance that captured a blurry red image. The suspect reportedly left a “complete mess due to wearing dirty boots in the homes and apparently eating in a hurry.”

Some homes sustained roof damage from “some sort of apparatus which did not seem to have wheels,” police said. Officers seized evidence suggesting a “small number of animals were gathering at each of the homes that were victimized.” No other forensic evidence was left behind because the suspect was wearing gloves.

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