Today I Love Christmas In Canada

Today I love drinking coffee and contemplating Christmas in Canada and how much I love it.

Photo : Bettina Strauss


Today I love Christmas in Canada. I love that we got snow just in time for a white Christmas. I love that there is a snowperson in our front yard because random events of snowpeople is a wonder to behold. I love that Santa came to our house and, though we have to send the thing he brought back because it’s the wrong size, he got it right and brought exactly the thing that caused joy and happiness, and when it gets exchanged for the right size the joy and happiness will happen all over again. I love that I got a new coffee grinder to replace the one that died last week, and it is the same as the old one, but so much quieter and that quietness is also a Christmas joy. I love that there is something a little more joyous about this day and this time of the year that makes it easy to be happy about the same old things that happen every other day of the year, morning coffee, breakfast, favorite songs playing, jokes about words, everything seems a little more cheery.

Today I love that I have resigned myself to never actually figuring out my partner and that the constant and joyous surprises are a thing of wonder and joy. I love that unexpected things occur and often when they do I must admit that, although unexpected, they are exactly perfect and perfectly reasonable things. I love how music spontaneously starts up on the piano when I think that she is doing something else and all I can do is stop what I’m doing and smile and listen and wonder at how wonderful my life is. I love how easy it is to be thankful for this life I have and all the things and people in it that make it joyous.

Today I love Pineapple Glory Pie. I love chocolate. I love Christmas dinners and I will take all the Christmas dinners I can get my hands on. I love that we are driving out of the snow belt for our second family Christmas, but we’ll be heading back up north into it tonight when we’ve eaten maybe a bit too much and wished everyone a happy holiday. I love that I get to write and work on projects that inform and entertain people, Merry Christmas to my family, my family, my Our Community Stage TV show family and my Georgian Bay Roots radio show family.

Today I love drinking coffee and contemplating Christmas in Canada and how much I love it.

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