Toronto’s in for another chilly week

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Monday is kicking off with a wind chill as cold as -20C at times, and the week to follow looks just as cold.

Expect a chilly Monday, and the cold temperatures are set to stick around for the upcoming week, according to Environment Canada.

The city was treated to a brief moment of positive temperatures Sunday afternoon, but a flash freeze overnight left residents waking up to temperatures in the double digit negatives. It’s predicted that the warmest it could get today is only -7C and with the wind chill, it could feel as cold as -20 C at times.

There’s a 60 per cent chance of flurries overnight into Tuesday, when temperatures are expected to rise to a high of -5C. A cloudy night will bring a low of -12C, and on Wednesday the threat of snow increases to a 70 per cent chance. The temperature is set to inch up during the day to -4C. .

Thursday’s temperatures don’t stray far from the day before, but there should be a little bit more sun. The end of the week sees the temperatures slowly creeping up a couple of degrees a day — by Sunday we could be seeing a high of -2C.

Although the cold may feel uncalled for, it is in line with average temperatures for this time of year, according to Environment Canada. And it could be worse: in 1948, Toronto saw temperatures as low as -25C on Feb 5.

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