Winnipeg teen’s killer sentenced to life with no parole for 16 years

Photo: CFJC Today


A Winnipeg man who killed a teenager and dumped his body in a garbage bin has been sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 16 years.

Nicholas Bell-Right had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the February 2016 shooting death of Cooper Nemeth.

Nemeth was shot in the head twice after a house party and his body was found nearly a week later after an extensive search.

Family and friends described in victim impact statements how the 17-year-old’s death has disrupted their lives.

Gaylene Nemeth, the boy’s mother, said she has been living in a fog ever since her son was killed and doubts that Bell-Wright is remorseful.

She told court her own thoughts have been haunted and filled with torment since his death.

“Every night is consumed (by) nightmares,” she said Wednesday.

Court previously heard that Nemeth and Bell-Wright knew each other through the drug trade and that Bell-Wright said he could help Nemeth set up a drug deal.

Court was told they left the party together and Nemeth was shot while he sat in the front seat of Bell-Wright’s car.

Gaylene Nemeth said her son made some bad decisions but he wasn’t a gangster or a big-time drug dealer.

“He was just a kid,” she said. “Cooper was a boy. My baby. A 17-year-old excited for life.”

Ninety-six victim impact statements were entered at Bell-Wright’s sentencing hearing, but only 16 from family and close friends were read aloud.

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